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Dazzle Kids Nursery is the best education foundation you can gift to your little one, to step into the world of knowledge and learning with confidence and happiness. Engaging methodologies, encouraging trainers and empowering environment awaits to bring out the best in them, at Dazzle Kids Nursery.

Dazzle Kids Nursery is a child’s home away from home, where holistic development is achieved through hands-on learning techniques, pleasant social interactions and best practices of the EYFS Curriculum. Parents of Al Jaddaf who prefer the best nursery for their 2-5 years children, choose Dazzle Kids Nursery, without a second-thought.

Our programmes


Preschool plays a crucial role in a child's early development by providing a structured and nurturing environment for learning and growth. It offers opportunities for children to engage in ageappropriate activities that enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Preschool also helps lay the foundation for future academic success by introducing foundational skills and fostering a love for learning in a supportive and enriching setting.

2-3 years

Foundation Stage 1

Foundation Stage 1 holds immense significance as it forms the bedrock of a child's educational journey, laying the groundwork for future learning. During this crucial stage, children develop essential social, cognitive, and emotional skills that set the tone for their overall growth. Through play-based learning and guided activities, Foundation Stage 1 fosters a strong foundation in key areas such as communication, problem-solving, and collaboration

3-4 years

Foundation Stage 2

Foundation Stage 2 is of paramount importance as it builds upon the skills and knowledge acquired in earlier stages, preparing children for more structured learning. During this pivotal phase, children further develop their literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking abilities, setting the stage for academic success. Foundation Stage 2 also nurtures their social and emotional growth, fostering resilience, creativity, and a sense of curiosity that will continue to serve them throughout their educational journey

4-5 years

Our Highlights

The nursery focuses on building 5 key skills that crafts your child into a super creative one in the future.

01. Social and emotional skills
The nursery helps your child develop their social and emotional skills. In preschool, your child learns about sharing and taking turns. Children spend extended amount of time with other children and adults outside their families. The environment provides plenty of opportunities to learn how to make friends, cooperate, listen, and build foundational conversation skills.
02. Creativity and curiosity
Young children have active imaginations, and those imaginations can be nurtured to fuel learning and creativity. All teachers are trained to help children develop their own ideas and thoughts. They encourage curiosity, ask questions, and listen to children’s ideas rather than pushing “correct” answers or behaviors.
03. Decision-making skills
Preschool children get to choose which activities they participate in. That means they not only get to follow their interests but also learn decision-making skills and responsibility. Children are encouraged to make their own choices. Teachers watch children and keep an eye on which activities they seem interested in. If a child seems unsure of how to enter other children’s play, they may offer suggestions on ways to join the group.
04. Cognitive skills
Children build cognitive skills through activities that challenge them to try new things, solve problems, ask questions, and simply observe the world around them. The nursery emphasizes these types of activities, as a result of which the children develop their cognitive skills.
05. Motor skills
This is an equally important aspect of child development which is covered as one of the 3 prime areas of development. Children need to grow physically, by making them participate in activities that help promote their development in this area.
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Why Choose Us

KHDA approved British – EYFS Curriculum

Qualified, Experienced and Bilingual teachers

Encouraging holistic development

Safe & Secure Environment

Spacious Indoor Play area

Bright & Spacious classrooms

Support for individualized instruction

Exposure to hands-on learning

Sports based extracurricular activities

Transportation facility available

Our unique learning environment

sparks physical growth and discovery while our creative curriculum, which combines the traditional and the progressive, supports each student’s growth.

Our Goal

Striving for excellence in education is our primary aim. Our main goal is to provide an outstanding experience that will ensure that your child is able to start full time school as a confident, curious and independent learner.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. Our program is planned to promote positive growth in the lives of all children. Dazzle Kids Nursery intends to create a chain of quality-oriented affordable early years’ solutions for families across the United Arab Emirates that will be parents’ preferred choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is the vehicle to reach our goal and accomplish our vision of creating independent learners. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early learning experience which promotes each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Our program focuses professional attention on each student and challenges them to achieve their maximum potential. Our nursery carefully nurtures the tangible and intangible strengths of each child, carefully preparing them to face challenges of a competitive world.

Specific Areas of Learning

Leadership Team

Dazzle Kids Nursery is established by four highly experienced and professional individuals who will be working together in partnership to create this Nursery.

Namrata Pallan

Co Founder

Hemavanti Yeswantlal

Co Founder

Google My Business Review

shobha srivastava
shobha srivastava
My son's journey with Dazzle kids nursery started in Feb 2021and since then he has developed in so many ways. He is more expressive, vocal and developing his personality day by day.The teachers and staff are fabulous, very friendly and cooperative.Thank you for all your patience, hardwork and dedication.I would definitely recommend Dazzle kids nursery for all the parents who are looking for early childhood education for their kids.
Pritika Dsouza
Pritika Dsouza
My son has been going to Dazzle kids nursery since 2021 and loves going to school everyday. The staff are very kind and patient with the children. My son's speech has developed well and over time has become more confident.
altaf inamdar
altaf inamdar
joining this Nursery my son has developed in so many ways. He is more vocal and is able to express thing and talk. Thank you for all the initiatives and efforts done by all staff.I would definitely recommend Dazzle and looking forward joining my son for next term from next month
Turbo Rhr
Turbo Rhr
very good nursery my son did not speak English he learned very quickly and the staff is very nice. a great evolution thanks to the nursery
Lakshmi AT
Lakshmi AT
Great place for kids
Anum Majid
Anum Majid
A very good nursery following all covid protocols. It has been the best decision to enroll my kid here. Extremely professional and cooperative staff.
Ahmed Jaafrya
Ahmed Jaafrya
Since joining this Nursery my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to going into nursery everyday. Thank you for the outstanding work specially during this pandemic situation of corona virus, really appreciate the hard work done by the teachers, I would definitely recommend it.

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